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Bath & Shower Products as you know we all have to stay clean it's a part of our daily hygene. We all need soap's ,oils, wash cloths,sponges luffa's to help clean our body's. We also need razor's to shave leg's ,face and under arm's. There are also product's to remove scare's . Essential Candle's for for aroma therapy. Whether you prefer baths or showers, the cleansing ritual is soothing, refreshing, and completely private – right? Maybe not. We wanted to pull the curtain back on America’s most interesting (and potentially embarrassing!) bathing habits, so we asked 2,000 people to come clean. How often do people take baths or showers? How many people skip the washcloth or loofah in favor of a hands-only scrub? And who sings, drinks, and listens to music in the shower? Keep reading to get the nitty-gritty on everyone’s most private hygiene habits.