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charm bracelets, id bracelets, wrap bracelets, bangles, womens bracelets, chain & link bracelets There are all kinds of  jewelry that can dress up your look. They can add some fashion to any day of the week, and help you express your style, bracelets are right up on the top. What’s more fun than a dangleing an armful of bangles or a beaytiful pretty chain with a subtle diamond? Because of the hundreds of bracelet styles out there, picking the right one can be over wellming. Chains, bangles, charms, leather, cord, gemstones, cuffs and cultured pearls. What bracelet is  appropriate and when? Can you mix metals? What about stacking? When  your shopping for bracelets there are many things to consider, when you’ll wear them, where, with what clothing, and what you’ll be doing. It’s very important to have a wide range of styles in your jewelry box so you’ll be set for any eventuality.