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If you’ve got a casual dress code at work, then chances are your go-to pair of pants is most likely khaki's. But even if your work place has a  more low key dress code, every guy needs a classic pair of khakis in his closet. They’re dress pants but still give off a relaxed vibe that has the power to make any outfit look more pulled together—which comes in handy on a first date, a job interview, or even going out with friends. First, a quick fashion lesson: Khaki is acualy, a color. But, it’s common to refer to any sort of cotton trouser as “Khakis.” So technically, the khaki color can be found in all types of pants (like a trouser, chino, jogger, or jean) and in many styles like straight, slim, athletic, relaxed. Even more important though, is making sure they fit great, look sharp, and feel comfortable. A great pair won’t cause unwanted creases, look slouchy or too tight, and will actually stay up without the hassle of a belt. But, considering that a lot of fit guys have muscular quads, hamstrings, and calves, sliding on pants over these body parts is a tough task. That’s where we come in. We carry a great selection of casual pants please feel free to browse our catalog to find the perfect pair for you.