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earrings,hoop earrings,drop earrings,clip earings,womens earrings, Do you love a great pair of Earings well you're in luck we have a great selection of earrings stud ,drop hoop, clip. Please feel free to browse our catalog to find the best pair of earings for you. Do you  think stud earrings need to be small and simple. A great pair of studs are easy and comfortable enough to keep in your ears for weeks. Studs are small compared to other earring styles, but they don’t have to be basic or boring. Jewelry designers are giving new life into studs, making beauty and creativity into these small pieces. Wearing two and three studs at the same time is fashionable and lets you show off yor  individuality. Show your creative side and choose studs with different designs on them, or wear a colorful and custom assortment. Studs can accent a pair of hoop earings, too. Multiple piercings can be beautiful when you wear studs that compliment each other. You can add a new earring anywhere along your ear, from the curved top and all the way down the lobe The easiest accessories you could ever wear are stud earrings. Shopping for them is easy too, if you know what to look for. The selection has never been larger. You can find stud earrings that are absoluty beautiful, studs that are good for everyday wear, and some specifically for men and for kids.