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Girls Clothing

Has your daughter surprised you by announcing she hates everything in her closet? Or, has she made it clear that you are not to purchase any girls clothes for her without her approval? Girls can be choosy when it comes to fashion and the clothes they wear, and the change can happen overnight. One day they could care less about what they wear, the next they're scrutinizing everything down to their socks, and insisting that they absolutely have to have a certain pair of jeans.
Girls face remarkable pressure from their peers to fit in and to wear certain styles of clothing. Here's how to teach your tween to make good choices (within your limits and budget), and help her maintain a sense of individuality.
It's important that your child have some say in the clothes she wears, and girls know what's fashionable and what isn't. It's also important that you give your child the opportunity to establish her own sense of style, and that may mean wearing girls clothing that are very different from the clothes you would choose for her. As long as these clothes aren't objectionable, give her the space to make her own decisions.