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rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants Today everone loves to look good and wear great looking clothes. We put on perfumes to smell nice where hat's, watche's and nice shoe's. But no out fit is complete with out some kind of jewelry a beautiful necklace a great looking pair of earings maybe a pendant and of coarse a ring. We carry a great selection of womens jewelry, mens jewelry, womens earrings, womens rings mens rings,  womens pendants, women necklaces, mens neclaces. Please feel free to shop our catalog and find the perfect ring , necklace, pendant Or earrings for you. How To Clean Jewelry Use caution Caring for and cleaning jewelry doesn't have to be difficult, but it is important that you do so carefully to prevent damage and to help ensure a longer life. Well cared for it will stand the test of time and have a much nicer appearance than if it is left to collect dust and grime without being cleaned. The exact technique you use to clean and care for them will depend on the item itself. Regardless of the type you should obviously try to prevent it from being scratched, knocked or banged. Even if damage does'nt appear visible . knocking around and mishandling  can often lead to unseen damage. Over time this damage will build up or progressively worsen until it  becomes irreparable. Should your jewelry suffer any damage you should have it seen to as soon as possible. Take it your local jewelers and ask their opinion. In most cases they will either be able to fix it themselves or send it away to be repaired properly. Super gluing any piece of jewelry yourself is a bad idea. Many chemicals can damage  and you should stay away from chemicals in general. In particular, cleaning fluids, chlorine and bromine can have a detrimental effect. Take off any rings or other items and leave them somewhere safe until you're finished. Direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold conditions can also weaken the metal or jewel. Use a cleaning cloth on metal jewelry and clean regularly using soapy water but ensure that you rinse it off thoroughly when you've finished cleaning. Use a very mild cloth to dab it dry and don't rub it too vigorously. You should also take care when storing . If you don't intend to wear it or show it for some time then place it in an airtight bag away from heating or particularly cold areas. These simple maintenance tips should ensure the integrity of your jewelry for many years.